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Think of the gut as a jack of all trades. It plays many important roles within your body. From absorbing nutrients to maintaining most of your immune system to providing your body with energy, it really does it all. ION* creates an optimal environment in your gut lining by providing the framework for bacterial communication, supporting digestion and absorption of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients that your body needs to function.

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There are over 80,000 supplements on the market today, with many geared towards creating specific niches within the world of health.

While sometimes a targeted approach makes sense, if our bodies aren’t functioning on a fundamental level, supplements fall short.

When it comes to the gut, we all need the same foundational support. Nature is intelligent. Her beauty lies in her ability to seamlessly provide unique assistance to each of us. But her intelligence is at war with chemicals that continually impact health: old and young, men and women, pets and humans alike.

In order to target individual health, we need to first address the source. That’s where ION* comes in. Whether for kids, adults, or pets, the science is the same: start with cellular communication and let each unique body take it from there.


ION* is a supplement in name only, seeking not to add but to connect. By fostering communication at a cellular level, it provides the foundation for the immune function, nutritional wellness, and digestive support that we all need. Whether you are seeking to enhance adult, child, or pet health, ION* has you covered.

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