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Welcome to Mindful Health Practices!

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Welcome to Mindful Health Practices, a holistic and natural health coaching company I (Tyler Davidson) founded in August of 2020. This venture was several years in the making before it actually came to light. The name of what would then become my future business name came to me while in meditation back in 2017. I remember telling myself while meditating, "remember that! Mindful Health Practices, Mindful Health Practices, Mindful Health Practices!!!". As soon as I had practiced my gratitude and finished, I went straight to my computer and started searching if "Mindful Health Practices" was taken as a business name, and to my surprise I couldn't find anything named as such. This idea bore the reality that I would someday begin my own business doing what I love the most, helping others heal.

What Does Mindful Health Practices Mean?

Now, what does "Mindful Health Practices" mean? To me, it means anything that can be considered a Mindful Health Practice, such as meditation, cooking, exercising, reading, learning, dancing, yoga, or being with your loved ones. Essentially, anything that makes you feel good, ushers presence, promotes your health and well-being, and maybe even gives you meaning. The name encompassed for me what underlies the true expression of health and life; holistic. A business name that represented how I feel health and life is best expressed gave me the excitement to ponder further on the possibility of creating my own movement that parallels the effects that many other good-to-do human beings in this world are already doing.

Am I good enough to do this? Am I capable of running a business? Would anyone want to work with me? How do I really know if I'm cut out to help people heal, let alone run a business? As self-doubt filled my mind, I then began the next step of gently quelling my inner-critic and reinforcing the belief that I can do anything I put my mind to, and so I did. Believe me, it's taken some time.

It is now March 2022 as I write this first blog post on my website. My oh my, what a journey this has become, and what more it will be! What I have learned and practiced over these last several years has completely revolutionized my life. I have been practicing "walking the talk" the best I can, as I feel is my duty as a natural health professional is to do so. Fortunately for me, it is also my passion to inspire the greatest health and vitality that I can for myself. Although I never personally experienced a chronic condition or major trauma, I have been inspired by those who I have observed that have. Although suffering and conflict is an unavoidable part of life, much of it within the modern human experience is completely unnecessary, preventable, and reversible. I feel it is my personal responsibility and duty to share my gifts with the world, to help others heal so that they can be the best versions of themselves.

A Growing Vision

I cannot do this alone, it takes a village. Mindful Health Practices from the start was never intended to be a "solo thing". From the moment I had my epiphany of my business name to jotting the words down into a Word document I had titled "THINKTANK", it sprung up other ideas of a collective of healers, artists, practitioners, craftsmen and craftswomen and the like of all kinds that shared a space of altruistic and conscious business to help uplift each other as well as all of those we come into contact with. For now, there is a long way to go. I get eager and impatient at times, but this is going to be quite the ride and I choose to love every moment of it. So, I thank you for being here with me today, and I appreciate the support you gift me with your time and energy.

In Closing,

I would love to connect with anyone that would like to speak further about my services, who I am and what I do, or even just to share dialogue. I encourage you to explore my website, and subscribe to my email list and follow me on all social media channels. I am very excited for this next chapter holds for me, and all the growth it will bring. If you resonated with my words in this article, I encourage you to stick around, there is beauty on the horizon.

Before we go for now, take a deep breath, and know you are an amazing feat of nature.

Kindest regards,

Tyler Davidson, NBC-HWC, INHC

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