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My Philosophy of Service and Duty as a Holistic Health Professional

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

I became interested in the path of holistic health over a period of a number of years in which I observed the care some important individuals in my life received care from the modern healthcare system. In my early twenties, I began to question, "is this the best way?" followed by, "is there another way?". I continue to ask important questions such as these and follow my curiosity to this day. I find that this is one of the best ways to lead you towards a path of passion and service that suits and fulfills you.

The next step began with me starting to read about herbs, and certain vitamins that could help with specific health conditions, to how lifestyle strongly impacts disease prevention or creation, to meditation and breathwork being the best anti-depressant known to man. As I deepened my depth of knowledge on health and well-being, I began to become a resource for family and friends that were seeking help and support. I then began to find myself spending my free time dedicating my mind, focus, and energy on how to help those around me become healthier and happier. Through this exploration, I began an unexpected journey with myself, to heal from within. My holistic journey had begun.

Through studying over thousands of hours, helping many people, learning from countless talented and brilliant health professionals and healers, and compiling my own natural abilities, observations, and intuitive insights, I have developed a philosophy that encompasses how I serve others. My philosophy as a natural health professional also includes how I feel healthcare truly ought to be. A healthcare system that considers all parts of the person, meets them as a unique individual, and strives to share compassion and understand where they come from, are some of the core components of this philosophy. Some of these aspects are severely deficient in our modern healthcare system, and only spurs on the highest rates of chronic disease in the history of mankind.

If you feel that my philosophy resonates with you, schedule a free discovery call with me and we can explore how we can best work together. I seek to help those who feel out of the driver's seat of their health get back behind the wheel. For those who yearn to enhance all aspects of their life and be empowered, inspired, and supported through a holistic and compassionate perspective, I am at your service.

Thank you for reading.

Tyler Davidson, NBC-HWC, INHC

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