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My Story


 My name is Tyler Davidson and I am a certified health coach. I received my certificate from the Institute for Integration Nutrition. I have been involved with the study of psychology and human behavior at the collegiate level. I have worked at a youth treatment facility for a span of three years where I worked with at-risk youth in intensive environments within the modern therapeutic model. I worked with children in intensive and crisis environments. I played a role as a mentor and role model and above all provided a safe space for healing and calm. I am a very keen listener and have an innate ability to observe human behavior well.

Tying my education, experiences, and natural abilities together with my passion for holistic health, I intend to empower any individual who wants to better themselves. I strive to be a living example of what it is to live out your dreams and make continuous effort to be the best version of oneself. In turn, this allows me to help you to become the best version of you. Real personal transformation is not only a way of helping yourself, but also your loved ones and your community. I have received much of my inspiration in holistic health from someone very close and dear to me that has suffered at the hands of the modern pharmaceutical, food, and agricultural industry. I intend to combine modern medical knowledge and research with integrative holistic practices to help you understand your body and better yourself.

My particular interests within the realm of wellness are helping others with chronic illness, those that have been in and out of doctors for years, those with auto immunity, those that feel they are at the mercy of what ails them, those who want to learn about the importance of the gut and its interconnections to everything, and those who want to manage anxiety and depression through a mind body & spirit approach.

I am here to be with you and help you in any way that you require that is within my means. I want you to know that there is hope, and there is a way. I am here to help you find, explore, or continue on your path. My name is Tyler Davidson, and I am your health coach.