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Gb - Pituitary Pineal

Gb - Pituitary Pineal


Stress is a natural part of life and we all are affected by it in different ways. Having the ability to manage the stress response is very important.  Whether you are experiencing a short-term stressor or have been struggling with chronic stress, we have two great products to help you find some balance. Gb-Pituitary/Pineal supports our five brain glands which act as ‘command central’ for our endocrine system and regulating hormonal processes.  This formulation helps improve mental clarity, regulate glucose metabolism, and support a positive mood. Going through a ‘stressful day’ or experiencing stress from chemical changes within the body such as coffee and sugar dependencies?  Give your body the support it needs.

Benefits of Gb-Pituitary/Pineal Benefits:

  • Supports mental clarity
  • Thyroid support
  • Adrenal support
  • Supports positive mood
  • Peach bark supports normal blood flow to the brain
  • Vitamin B6 supports pituitary hormones
  • L-Methionine provides essential amino acids
  • Supports our hypothalamus, anterior/intermediate/posterior pituitary and pineal glands

Corrects metabolism at a cellular level; a brain stimulator. This formula provides support for all the important brain glands - pituitary, pineal, and thalamus. It influences healthy mental clarity and focus. It’s useful in managing healthy fat utilization by the body, helps regulate the appetite, and re-establishes proper pituitary/pineal function.


COUNT: 60 capsules

RECOMMENDED USAGE: 1-2 capsules up to twice a day for 1-3 months, or as directed. Then, take as needed for maintenance.

INGREDIENTS: Vitamin B6, RNA/DNA Brain Tissue Factors, RNA/DNA Pituitary Tissue Factors, Peach (Bark), Rue Herb (Root), Jaborandy (Leaves), RNA/DNA Orchic Tissue Factors, dL-Methionine, Superoxide Dismutase.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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